Thursday, August 27, 2015


     So what can you do if you used to be Number One tennis pro in the world, and you can’t seem to get the magic back? You model underwear, of course. Spanish tennis star, Rafael Nadal, has recently signed up for a sexy photo shoot promotingTommy Hilfiger briefs—yup, de briefs. Now this isn’t just a close up shot to show the texture of the fabric or the resilience of the elastic waist; nope. This commercial shows it all—from top to bottom:) The mischief in his eyes and the almost undetectable smirk on his lips might be missed as viewers get the full monty of this jock’s shorts. It’s all Nadal, they say. No socks for this jock. He’s got the equipment. Now we must hope that the women’s number one doesn’t follow this path. To some, it may all be a time out, not a grand slam, but for those of us who still believe in beautiful, hmmmm.