Monday, August 31, 2015

     Ever find yourself just “limping along” in life? Well, I haven’t verbalized this, but sometimes I hear my dark voice saying to me, “You are just limping along, lady.” Well, this may be true, but just because we limp along doesn’t mean we’re lame. 

     Sometimes we limp along because we’ve had a fall; sometimes we limp when we don’t have the energy to stand tall and put one confident foot in front of the other; still other times, we limp because we’ve been bruised. The reason doesn’t matter; the way we recover does.

     When I feel like I’m in “gimp” mode, I ask myself, “What can you do about this?” The same answers always seem to surface, and a few come from my parental voices, long gone from this earth.

     1.  Get busy
          When I used to moan about projects due, my father would say, “Stop talking, and dig in.” This meant that he wasn’t interested in listening to my whining; he wanted to know what proactive steps I would take. 

     2.  Get moving
          When I feel like I’m “stuck,” and I can’t seem to get any momentum, I work out, get on my treadmill or my bike or just turn up the volume on the loudest rock music on my playlist and start pumping. It’s the last thing I feel like doing, but it’s the first thing that makes me feel better.

     3.  Do something for someone else
           Getting out of myself is one of the best ways to put things in perspective. What might be a limp to one person could be a giant step to another. A simple phone call, e-mail or kind gesture can bring joy to someone who needs to get balance more than I do.

     4.  Distract the mind
           Whether it’s reading a book, watching a movie, cleaning a cupboard or painting my toenails, getting my mind off the issue is easier when my mind is focused on something else.

       Bottom line:  What if all these techniques fails? Then you feel like I do today, and you say to yourself, “Ok. Limping isn’t lame. Limping is ok, and it is temporary.” Then I go scoop out a giant bowl of Edy’s Caramel Delight and bury myself in sugar.