Monday, August 24, 2015

     So how are all of you blog followers out there? I am sure you have lots of news, and there are probably all kinds of interesting events happening in your lives. I am interested, but I don’t know who you are. When I signed up to write a blog, I had hoped to be able to communicate with my followers, but alas, that is not possible with this particular system. Some of you may absolutely love what I share. Au contraire, there are others who may not be so enthused. Based on the above, I don’t know one way or the other, so I choose to assume that you are all moved and motivated by my musings.

     Vacations always provide perspective. Getting away from the routine allows us to look back and wonder what all the fuss was about or say, “Wow! We are so lucky. What are we moaning about?” Fresh faces, fresh air, fresh eyes—-it was all good for us. In two weeks,
we visited with two kids and families, nine couples, three states and numerous eating establishments. I ate the best dessert of my life (deep dish apple pie à la mode), actually, I think I got my spoon into it twice in less than 45 seconds as another utensil seemed to move faster than mine. We hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I can still walk, albeit, the backs of my calves are still in shock.
Mr. Wonderful survived two dogs, but fell on his butt twice. I’m happy to report moaning was minimal (or maybe my ears were blocked from the high altitude). 

     So what did I miss?  Charmin Ultra Soft, peanut butter, my own workout equipment, hair products and ponytail ties. Happy hair makes for happy girl. The good news:  very low humidity in all areas visited, so returning to the wet is not fun.

     During our frequent walks, we considered some of our recent decisions and issues. It’s amazing how cow pies and wild flowers can inspire. We made seven major decisions without a cross word. I must remember to head to the trail head the next time we disagree. Of course, the Dow plummeting had a small impact on financial decisions. 

     A new week, a fresh attitude, getting ready for my back-to-school photo shoot, I am energized and ready to face Monday. Topics to follow this week:

      Marriage is like a weather report
      Teen-age suicide and helicopter parents
      Thin skin
      Cinderella and Happy Ever After
      New: the F—-it list:)