Sunday, August 16, 2015

     Sometimes I feel like my birthday balloon. I start out all shiny, smooth and colorful, and as the days pass, the air leaks out, and my smooth turns crinkly. I am still all bright, shiny and colorful on the inside, but unless you are looking closely, you may not see that. 

      Mr. Wonderful thinks that we are irrelevant and invisible now that we’re out of the mainstream. He may be right, but I suppose that’s assuming we were relevant and visible when we were in it. Hmm. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. All I know is that, for me, keeping colorful, shiny, smooth and inflated is up to me. I can just collapse as time elapses or I can pump myself back up, put myself out there and float high in the sky.

     We were discussing what people want on their tombstones, and a friend said, “I haven’t accomplished much. I don’t know what list I would put on there.” I said, “I want people to say I made them laugh and feel good about themselves.” In the long run, no one cares how
much we accomplish; they care how we made them feel. Those who make me feel good are the ones I choose to frequent. The circle may get smaller, but it’s a circle of love and mutual respect. Yes, I work hard to perform and accomplish things, but I know that’s what gives me identity and confidence; it’s not what people will remember.

     Just because I am losing air, doesn’t mean I love any less. Just because I’m crinkly doesn’t mean I am irrelevant. Just because I am temporarily deflated doesn’t mean I can’t make you laugh or feel good. Yup, I am still flying high, and as Arnold once said, “I want to pump you up!”