Saturday, August 15, 2015

     Sitting in the lobby of our hotel this morning, I am once again reminded that there are many clueless people in the world. 

   For example, a woman walks in, looks for a table. She sees there are at least a dozen empty ones, so she pulls two up right next to us and puts them together. This tells me that there will be four women sitting next to me (I heard them cackling yesterday morning), and that means no peaceful breakfast. Mr. Wonderful has not yet arrived, and I can predict the look on his face when he walks in. She says to herself, “Hmm, I think I will call my friend.” Now we are not more than two feet away from this woman. She, of course, launches into a big loud conversation about some retro furniture she found in a local consignment shop yesterday. I begin gritting my teeth between coffee swallows, dreading the arrival of the other mouths. Mr. Wonderful arrived and gave me the predicted look, and he began talking very loud to make his point. I gave him the look, and we both just rolled our eyes. 

     Telling myself to stop being judgmental that maybe she wasn’t really trying to be rude, she’s just clueless, I looked across the room at two men sitting together. One of them had bare feet.  He perched them on the upholstered chair as he complained about the slow internet and cold air vent above him.

      The sweet part of this story, however, is that the cute little woman who runs the breakfast  concession came running up to me with a banana in her hand. She said, you asked for bananas, so I ran across to Walmart to pick up some so you’d have one for breakfast this morning. Now that’s something to blog about.