Thursday, August 13, 2015


1.  Mr. Wonderful does not discriminate in which state he snores.

2.   People are weird and wonderful everywhere.

3.   Michigan roads suck.

4.  Michigan summers are idyllic.

5.  Driving top-down is absolute heaven.

6.  Hampton Inn beds are to die for.

7.  We always gain new perspective on the lives we left behind when we travel.

8.  The projects I brought with me are still waiting for my attention.

9.  Cosmos are fab no matter which restaurant.

Right:  Christy on left = Chocolate chip cookie queen  Woman on right:  Queen

10.  Grand-children think we’re old and weird. We are “yold.”

11.  Budgets don’t work on vacation.

12.  Shopping rocks, even when you don’t buy anything.

13.  Mr. Wonderful has found new things to which he is allergic.

14.  Christy’s chocolate chip cookies will cure anything that ails you.

15.  Low humidity rocks.

16.  Last Comic Standing needs to sit down.

17.  When you return to where you spent most of your life, it only feels better if you don’t like where you are. I love Wilmington:) 

18.  Grand Rapids is beautiful. Too bad it snows here.

19.  Skidding into 22 years Friday feels good.

20.  Noise app rocks.

21.  My hair loves low humidity. Thanks so much, Michigan:)

22.  French bull dogs are adorable. They are the perfect dog:  no barking, quiet, need almost no walking, do business in woods without master, friendly and cuddly. What more could you ask of a pup?
23.  Bananas with peanut butter always start my day perfectly.