Wednesday, August 19, 2015

     In January, 1962, a very nervous 18-year-old college freshman set foot on the University of Michigan’s hallowed grounds for the very first time. Her first semester at the University of California Santa Barbara as a music student was torture, as she had just met the man of her dreams the summer before, and she missed all her Michigan friends. Despite the short walking distance to the ocean from her off-campus apartment and the occasional letters from her new love, Michigan was constantly on her mind, and all she wanted was to return home. 

     A fabulous 40-year career in teaching, two husbands, two daughters and ten grandchildren later, “Fifi” returns to campus only a couple of months before her 50th (yup 50) college reunion in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

     Mr. Wonderful (husband #2 and soul mate) was kind enough to drive her all over campus today to take photos in front of the buildings where she spent so many hours listening, taking notes, sweating exams, flirting with guys and thinking about the next frat party. Ah, the memories. How did half a century disappear when she wasn’t looking?

    Fifi says:  “My degree from U of M opened many doors, the two most important ones were on the front of Grosse Pointe South High School where I began my teaching career in French. These students are now in their late 60s. After three years at South and another couple at Grosse Pointe North, I took time off to have my daughter, Chris, now married with three sons of her own. Add to that a second daughter, Katey, three years later, now mother of four and a middle school administrator in Arizona, the legacy continues.”

     Here are some shots of my daily/weekly schedule back in the days of A-line skirts, capezzio(?) flats, pledge formals, IFC sings, the Beatles, and Botany 101 (ugh). I think this is why I could never get into gardening. 

          From my French classrooms where I learned so much from so many marvelous professors to my sorority house where I led the sisters to first place at the Intra-fraternity sing to the Grad Library where I spent hours in the stacks researching and writing to Hill Auditorium where so many concerts still resonate to the Nickels Arcade where I shopped (can't remember for what), to just strolling across campus--it was all so much fun. 

                                                                GO BLUE!