Friday, August 28, 2015

     Last night at my Girls Night Out dinner, we were talking about texting. I said that when people write a word in all caps, that means to me that they are angry about something (hopefully, not at something i did or said). I have received messages in the past where someone has capitalized a word, and I was very offended. After confronting that person, she said, I had no idea that you would react that way. I was not implying anything of the kind. One friend said, “I thought that capitalizing meant that you were emphasizing something.” We all agreed that this was true, however, there is a difference between saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY and “WTF!” 

     We talked about the difference between emailing that apparently only occurs in the over-12 crowd and texting. Sometimes these very brief text messages can be considered “terse” and therefore, offensive. I guess the bottom line is that we all need to assume the positive
and not personalize. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.