Sunday, August 23, 2015

     Time to say farewell to two weeks of fun and frolic from idyllic summer temps in Michigan to fresh air and blue skies in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Top-down makes it all so much more fun! It’s like being on a beach without getting sand in your skivvies. 

     Memorable moments galore - and many cherished friends to miss, not to mention our beautiful daughters and fun grand-children.

     I will miss my wonderful daughter, Chris, most of all.

Walks in Kensington soothe the soul and bring back so many memories of my running days which I miss terribly.

Where is John?
I know he's out there dribbling like crazy!

Sue and Jer were our generous, patient hosts while we ran around seeing our friends. Sue, step-daughter, is always smiling:)

So many laughs with good friends.

No more photo shoots at Hill Auditorium. One day I will perform again on this stage. Last time, I was 18. Maybe I can be an usher, and have my photo taken with a stage hand:)

Farewell to panoramic sunrise breakfasts looking at Grandfather Mountain:(

Interesting menu choices. I never paid that much for balls.

A sad farewell to Cosmos, as I try to stay in this dress:(

Grant 15 (driving with parent), Peter (right- hockey star and mimic), John, basketball/baseball emerging star and marathon talker, and Chris, daughter with the patience of Job.