Tuesday, August 25, 2015

     What? You don’t like my photos? Que diable! When checking my Google Analytics two days ago, I found that China must have hacked my blog site. Numbers were way down. Like those investors out there who are scurrying around trying to protect their nest eggs, I, too, am scratching my curls to figure out why my numbers dropped? Was it because you saw I was on vacation so I couldn’t possibly have anything profound to say? If so, that is not true. Some of my most provocative and thought-provoking ideas surface when I’m stepping over cow patties on the mountain trails. And you don’t want to know about how Mr. Wonderful ended up on his buttocks pumping gas? Come on, folks. There is some real humor here. And what about all the photos we so painstakingly produced for this chronicle? I purposely refrained from posting some of the more intimate, graphic shots taken on the Michigan campus and in the dressing room at Monkees. 

     The only explanation came in a Chinese fortune cookie shortly before we left. It said, “If you are looking to be a star, check another universe.” wtf. I am boycotting Chinese restaurants for at least two weeks (sorry, Joe), and I’m wracking my brain for some Trump material to win back your page views.Here are a few headlines that might get your pulse popping:

                Fifi goes back to school in her seventies.
                Fifi plans trip to Sienna alone.

                Fifi takes house off market and stops cleaning.

                Fifi goes red.

                Fifi considers run for the white house (the one down the street).

     Do I have your attention yet? If not, stay tuned for upcoming blogs promised:

             Don’t RE-bath; RE-skin
             Happy Hair
             Marriage Forecast
             Two Queens, Please
             Cinderella Sucks

Happy Tuesday.

(no appropriate photos available)