Wednesday, September 9, 2015

     What if the feckless follies of current television programming merged with the timeless classics of World Literature? Perhaps we would have some programs worth watching other than 60 Minutes and The Good Wife. Imagine such plot possibilities as the following:

The Scarlet Dome:  A story about a fallen woman who gets stuck in a bubble.

            Who’s Afraid of the Simpsons? A story about an enraged woman who finds some cartoon characters and wails at them.

            The Good Gatsby:  The story of a rich guy who wants to fight “Big.” 

            Little House on the Western Front:  The story of a tiny home made out of clapboard that houses World War II soldiers and their cheetah pets.

             Dancing with The Plague:  A story of people two-stepping over rats.

             A Tale of Two Blue Bloods:  A story of how a random French guy dukes it out with
Tom Selleck.

            America’s Got Moby:  A story about a huge whale who can do tricks and sing like a Dick.

            The Hunchback of Beverly Hills:  A story about a bent-over guy who stalks vain women.

          Just sayin’.