Thursday, September 3, 2015

     It is sad that one of the highly-respected self-help gurus has just passed. Wayne Dyer was one of my favorite go-to guys years ago. He had a lot of very practical advice, and some of his theories have proven true for me through the years. Yesterday on face book, someone posted an interview he did about a Tolstoy story that touched him. As a result, he wrote, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” This statement struck a chord with me today, as I was ruminating about continuing work on my one-woman show (playing the piano and narrating the life of the classical French composer). 

     I glanced down at my fingers after reading his statement, and I winced at my aging hands, speckled with age spots and unsightly protruding veins. I have never had pretty hands, and due to my piano practicing, I have never been able to flaunt pretty nails. Those women who have envied my musical talent don’t know how I would love to have their feminine fingers. It is becoming increasingly apparent that my aging fingers are starting to look deformed, and I no longer have the strength I once had. I have more soul and grace in my music, however, and for that I am grateful. 

     Yes, I will continue to practice, perform my one-woman show and thank God for the wonderful talent with which he has blessed me. No, I will not die with the music left in me. Thank you, Wayne Dyer.