Tuesday, September 22, 2015

                     The “Move the Body” Friend

     Do you have a “move-the-body” friend? This is a the friend in whom you have ultimate trust.

     Brené Brrown describes this kind of friend in the following story. One day a friend of hers, let’s call her Sally for now, called and said that she wanted Brené to be that kind of friend. For example, if Sally’s active alcoholic mother came to town, got drunk, passed out on the couch and was too heavy to lift to the bedroom so her young son couldn’t see her, would she, Brené, come over and help her lift her mother out of sight. She explained to Brené that such a friend would not only help her, but she would not judge her or her mother the next day, and she would never divulge anything about the incident to anyone else. Furthermore, she would not even discuss it with Sally unless Sally brought it up. This is a “move-the-body” friend. 

     How many of us have such a friend?