Thursday, September 10, 2015

     I often think about what I would do if I had all the confidence in the world. What if I could not fail? What would I attempt that I don’t? Who would I approach? What feat would I attempt? Does this mean that I am afraid of failure? Maybe? Who isn’t? I do know that I have incredible resilience, but that doesn’t mean I choose to sky dive and risk the cord breaking or try stand up and face an audience full of expressionless faces. Would increased confidence  protect me from the devastation of failing? Hmm. Bonne question.

    What would you try if you could not fail? Let your imagination run wild, and picture yourself in the arena you wish to enter. Where would you be? Who would be there cheering you on? Each of us has a deep-rooted desire to push the boundaries of our fear and just go for it. How many of us do it? What gives the people who risk their lives the courage to push
through the “yeah, buts?”

     If I could not fail, I would do the following:

  1. go back to school and get a PhD
  2. learn several instruments and get a job as an orchestra conductor
  3. play the concert grand at Carnegie Hall for anyone who would pay $25 to see me
  4. travel alone to Italy, take full-immersion Italian courses, and then offer to do the warm-up for Italian classical music performers.
  5. write another book
6.   figure out how to write a column for a highly-respected publication
7.   let my wrinkles show and be proud of how I got them

     Someone said, “Just do it!” They did. Maybe I will too. How about you?