Sunday, September 13, 2015

     Only one person has signed up to take my Public Speaking Course at the University’s Lifelong Learning Institute. Hmm. What does this mean? People over 55 have no desire to improve their speaking skills? This translates, “Too late.” How sad. If everyone under thirty speaks text with no conscience for correct grammar, spelling or handwriting skills, and everyone over 55 has given up worrying about communicating, what does this imply about those between 31 and 54? Shall we assume that they are all articulate? Just look at our role models:  

Donald Trump
Sarah Palin
Ted Nugent

     Oh, my.

     Public Speaking is just what it says:  speaking in public. This does not imply that one must stand on a stage or behind a podium. Public Speaking can mean sharing a story at a cocktail party (one is speaking, and there is more than one person present, hopefully). Public Speaking plays a crucial role in marital conversation and parenting. How we choose our words, how we look when we speak, the volume and tone of our voices—this is all “speaking,” and if there is someone other than a mirror in front of us, it is “public.” To ignore the need to improve our communication skills is ignoring the divorce rate, the threat of war, the leadership of our country and the integrity of friendships.

     Just think, if I could have helped the one person who signed up for my class to communicate with whomever he or she intended, maybe a marriage could have been saved, a business deal could have been closed, a child better understood. 

     Just sayin’.