Tuesday, September 22, 2015

     For those of you who can easily visualize word pictures, please consider reading this with one eye closed. Have you ever noticed images in your shower? Here are a few of my tile buddies. What do you see? 

     Now, the shower, to me is a sacred place. It’s liquid meditation. It’s warm wishing. It’s private prayer. It’s soaking in solitude. Some people sing there; others let the soap wash away their emotional toxins. Some spend five minutes; others, 45. Some close their eyes; others open their minds. It is a luxury we sometimes take for granted until for whatever reason, we can’t take a shower, and then we realize how much we need it for much more than hygienic reasons.

     This is what I see:  a rabbit and a man's face (maybe from prehistoric times:)

     Maybe the rabbit is reminding me to be authentic, like in the classic story. Maybe the man is reminding me to be more modest. Maybe I have too much time on my hands, and I need to get some serious therapy.