Wednesday, September 2, 2015

     Do you ever get your hair stuck between your teeth? This is not a chic look. Occasionally when bending my head over the sink to floss my teeth, my hair gets wedged in between a couple of them, and I can’t get them out. First, I can’t see the hair, so this is not a pretty picture—a blind blond chasing hair in her mouth. Secondly, this usually happens when I’m running late for an appointment, so I must hurry to find the feckless follicle. We all know what haste makes, so this is not an advisable tactic. Not wanting to smile at my client with blond split ends sticking out of my eye teeth (which do not aid in my search, btw), I turn on all the overhead lights and finally locate the culprit. There it is—long enough to stick out of my luscious lips, but not long enough to get hold of. The anxiety level begins to rise exponentially to the time I have left before I need to rush into Rush Hour. Finally, after numerous brushing and prying, moaning and crying, I get the little bugger out. Now my make-up is smeared all over my chin, and my toothbrush has to be trashed. Good Morning, Wednesday.

(*I don’t know what the word exponentially means, but it sounds really cool, n’est-ce pas?)