Tuesday, October 13, 2015

     I am so excited about the debate. There are going to be two, no five, no six—hmm how many? There’s a podium in the wings for Biden if he shows up, but we’re not sure yet. Ok. So the three unknowns are going to have to get known, right? Who are they again? Governor of what? Is Hilary wearing a red pantsuit? Wheeeere’s Bernie? Oh, my. How long is this going to last? Is it going to preempt my sitcom? Au contraire, I have an open mind. 

     There is no point in getting your knickers all knotted up over these debates. Whatever any candidate says in public tonight,he will change his mind in private by sunrise, and six months from now when  no one gives a flying fart what he thinks, he will have decided that that particular issue is no longer relevant.

     In case we didn’t have the inclination to think about what was going to be said during the debate, the media has spent the last 17 days preparing us. WTF? What happened to the
element of surprise? And I guarantee you all that once the debates are over (two hours from now), we will be hearing what each candidate said in detail because, apparently, the media doesn’t think we have brains enough to process what we heard.

     After Trump got out all his trump, the rest of the show was anti-climactic for the GOP. Fiona (wasn’t she a character in the Shrek movie?) got her two minutes of fame by telling us about her tragic past, but other than that, the rest of the crew was simply wallpaper. They are all trying to figure our if the joker is wild, or if the whole process is a joke. Hmm.

      I think I shall move to Canada, but isn’t Quebec receding or was that the PMs hairline? Can’t recall.


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