Tuesday, October 27, 2015

     Are there certain words that prickle your skin? Over the years, there have been certain words that just annoy me to death:  appropriate, shame, perfect, best, enough. One that always  haunts me, however, is the latter: enough. The definition of this word is “to the required degree.” So who determines what’s “required?” 

     I often ask myself, “Are you doing enough?” “Are you happy enough?” “Are you contributing enough?” “Are you thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, kind enough?” “Am I enough?” When I list these questions, I realize that this word “enough” is loaded with implications and judgment. It is no wonder that the title of my memoirs is “Good Enough.” I envy people who never ask themselves such questions because I assume they have a great deal more inner peace than me. 

     Where do such questions originate? We all know that there is a yardstick in society that measures the “enoughs.” We see it every day in advertisements, competitions, and sports

     Of what can you not get enough? Good beer? love? sex? money? sleep? time? And when you can’t get enough of whatever it is, what is the result? Does this implied short supply, lack of cause you distress? For example, if we don’t get enough sleep, chances are we might be irritable or impatient. If we don’t get enough money, we might be anxious or on edge. If I don’t get enough exercise, I am a bitch.

     What does it take for you to have, feel or be enough? Hmmm. Food for thought, but enough about that.