Tuesday, October 20, 2015

     It is very trendy for adults to purchase the latest adult coloring book and sit down to color. The last time most of us colored, we were eating graham crackers and drinking homogenized milk out of a tiny carton. The crayons were the size of large cigars, and our legs were the length of a small stool’s. The good news is that psychologists have reported that coloring for adults is not unlike meditation; it relaxes, soothes the nerves and relieves stress. Ok. I get that. So what is an adult coloring book? Here is the example in the article I read. Are you effen kidding me? If I had to color this, I would go totally kumquat nuts. I thought this was supposed to soothe me not suck me into a mosaic vortex that would swallow my burnt siena in a nano second. The shrink said that you could play some “chill” music in the background. With this design, I would suggest the 1812 Overture or Stravinsky’’s Rite of Spring.

Now this is more my speed. A nice simple design that spells comfort and love and sends me back to the honeyed days of Pooh and Piglet. For this, I would perhaps play Aura Lee or All Through the Night on a record player while munching on the red Chuckle.