Sunday, October 18, 2015

     The one week-end when I was forced to stay home on a Saturday night as Mr. Wonderful has the sickies, I am humiliated on my own couch. wtf. Michigan had it in their back pocket. All they had to do was breathe, and they choked. Omg. My throat was raw, I pulled all the fringe off the throw, I sang the fight song with full-lash mascara tears streaming down my cheeks, and for what? for a fumble?

      Things could be worse. I could be the mom of #12. How would you like to have just the right words for that son tonight. Somehow, “It’ll be all right, son,” or “These things happen,” won’t cut it. Her biggest challenge will be to hide all the sharp objects in the house and empty all the liquor bottles. That’s assuming he will come home. What would I have done had I been
#12? I would have called on my higher power, and if I didn’t have one, I’d adopt one for the next 48.
My daughter said he should probably go into witness protection. Poor kid. 

     As I get ready for bed in the guest room (to protect myself from fever farts and nuclear nasal explosions), I say a little prayer for #12. Contrary to popular belief, “what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger” is bullshit. What doesn’t destroy you just hangs around and makes you feel shitty for a few days or weeks, and then life goes on. A few people could be heroes tonight:

Coach Harbaugh, #12’s girlfriend, #12’s BFFs, the cop who stops #12 as he staggers out of the campus bar, or maybe #12 can be his own hero. He can hold his head up high and know he did the best he could, and keep right on fighting for the maize and blue. The fans will forgive. #12, you can too.

    Here's my daughter's take. I think I may have helped do something right with this attitude:

As I sat and watched the press conference with our coach, it was easy to glow in the madness of what had just transpired. But I really wanted to hear what he had to say about the game overall. As he stated, football is a crazy sport, and can "flip upside down" at any moment.
He represented his team well, praised where praise was due, and gave the other team their well deserved credit. He didn't hang on any one question and he continued to credit the belief system that he has created at the university.
In a world where there are too many things going wrong, and one where athletes are sometimes way out of line with their behavior, he shed a bright light on kids, and I mean kids, that all worked hard until the end.
I shuddered in the last quarter as I watched the momentum shift, but kept saying that if we just bent and didn't break, we might be able to pull it out.
The bad snap is a lot like life. In one day your life can literally turn upside down. You miss something, you drop something, someone or something else scoops it up and runs with it. You just gotta keep chasing it until the very last second. 60 minutes is 60 minutes. Keep the dream alive. 
A well played game by two of the best teams and an often unseen smile by Coach D. Bravo to all. Keep it alive. We believe