Sunday, October 11, 2015

                  SOME KIND OF FUNNY

     It’s 5:00 a.m.—still dark outside. I have been up for almost an hour. I’ve had my breakfast, watched the news, checked my emails, poured my second cup of coffee, and now I luxuriate in reflection. It dawns on me that this past week has been a week to count blessings. This is what has happened in my world this week:

  1. I still have a little left in my checking account
  2. a friend lost her brother
  3. a city is under water
  4. two sisters reunite
  5. my grandson took a girl to his Homecoming
  6. two friends told me they take medication for depression
  7. a distant relative was diagnosed with a disease
  8. I mentored a young African-American man who inspired me
  9. my favorite ice cream was on sale 2/$6
  10. my lame work-out is still working
11.  we watched a wonderfully touching film called “Match” (a must-see)
12.  a former student said he enjoys my morning blog with his cuppa Joe
13.  I learned how to count dotted quarter notes
14.  I discovered British actor, Patrick Stewart
15.  I made a new friend (a potential soul mate)
16.  the Symphony concert that was rained out has been rescheduled
17.  my daughter communicates with one of my former students on face book
18.  I hired a marvelous classical guitarist who entertained my music club
19.  I lost myself in a good novel about the Paris Occupation in World War II (The Nightingale)
20.  I received a beautiful letter from a professional speaker that brought tears to my eyes

     If you had asked me “What’s new?” I probably would have said, “Oh, not much.” Funny.