Monday, October 12, 2015

     Two years ago this month, I didn’t know what a blog was. Today I celebrate my 600th post. I have just a few followers, none who have claimed the title. People spend approximately 2.27 minutes reading my blogs. This means either they read one post numerous times or they are playing catch-up. Either way, I am delighted. About 70% are regular viewers and some check out my genius from as far away as Japan, but I can’t really prove that. Some people add me to their circles (what’s that?), but I can’t pronounce their names. Occasionally, a friend will make a kind comment about something I’ve written. Every so often, a former student will surface with stories I never heard as a result of stumbling on my wicked prose. Sometimes, I’ll run into some distant neighbor at the grocery store, and he’ll say on his way to the catchup, “Hey, I love your blogs!” Funny.

     Yes, they started out in an attempt to amuse. Occasionally, they may do so, but I have discovered that I am so full of ideas, I can’t limit myself to the guffaw. For better or worse, the little feedback I receive through “Google Analytics” (a system to keep bloggers humble), people seem to like stories of the heart. 

     As I run my life in threes, I must now launch my third and potential final year of blogging with panache. “Panache” is French for “zip.” 

     The topics I have covered in the first two years of posting include:  me, me, me, Mr. me, and me. (pas vraiment) I feel it’s time to branch out and include you. So watch for some upcoming themes:

     YOU and IIIIEEEWWW:  a treatise on vulgarity and bathroom humor
     YOU and selfies, belfies and choice of college teams
     YOU and recipes:  compassion for my waistline
     YOU, Wonderful YOU (Thank you to my followers, loyal readers, occasional peepers, and recipients of a monthly “share.”)

     Laughter effects may not always make you laugh; but it’s always intended to uplift even when I’m in a snit.