Thursday, November 12, 2015

                                                HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!

     I will not divulge the age of my beautiful daughter, Chris, of whom I am so proud. She is truly one in a million. At 3.55 a.m., I am fairly confident I am the first to wish her a wonderful day full of everything and everyone she loves. 

     From the time she was a little girl, Chris was motherly. She even mothered me (and sometimes I needed it). A sweet little blond curly-haired child, she was well-behaved, quiet, obedient and always eager to learn. I remember lying on the floor at nap time with her reading from her French alphabet book. She did learn French, and the two of us took two memorable trips years later--one to Quebec where we spoke French all the way in the car, and the other to France where she helped chaperone my high school students. 

     When I was sad, she would pat me on the back and hug me when I held her in my arms. When I was happy, she would giggle with me. She had that nurturing instinct from day one. Today, mother of three growing sons who keep her running from hockey rinks to basketball courts to golf courses, she spends a large part of her days nurturing. The boys love her dearly, and so do all who know her.

     Besides raising three super athletes, performing all of the other motherly and wifely duties, she works as a social worker counseling several hours a week. Her calm, confident nature gives her clients and her family a sense of well-being and security. 

     Chris has a unique sense of humor. Just when you wonder if she's listening, she comes out with hilarious statements that just blow you away. It's no wonder she has so many wonderful friends who love and appreciate her.

     Of all her traits, perhaps the most remarkable are her kindness and caring. She is always there for her family and friends when they need her. She is sensitive, compassionate and always has a calming effect on anyone who may be hurting. A hand-written thank you will always follow a gift, and she has taught her boys to do the same. She calls me every week and celebrates my little victories with me. 

     The most exciting and memorable moment of my year was when she showed up in my garage here in North Carolina to surprise me for Mother's Day. I let out a scream that could have been heard in her garage in Michigan. We spent a beautiful couple of days together, and I will never forget the joy I felt when she hugged me hello.

     I  wish her the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful trip with her terrific husband in Vegas as they both celebrate their birthdays a day apart.

                                              I love you, Chris!!