Friday, November 27, 2015

     On Facebook yesterday, a former student (a very bright star in my memory), posted this:

“I feel like Thanksgiving has slowly become the New Years resolution game to a degree: we are so thankful while in the moment. But Friday rolls around and we go right back to our old habits.
I'm not trying to be negative... quite the contrary, in fact. I say we commit to keeping this thankful thing going. No more fear of our neighbor. No more worry of not having enough. Let's try to keep our minds wrapped around the positive of what we do have and not the letdown of what we want and don't get. If we are there for each other, we'll have an abundance of everything.”

     Here is my trite but true response:

Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all through the block
one can see hundreds—to sales they will flock
they’ll wade through the crowds, line-up in rows
to hoard all the bargains from laptops to throws.

Just one day ago we were praying for peace  
for calm and for love, may gunfire cease
this day the French nation mourns its great loss
yet shoppers converge on Nike and Boss

I muse at the contrast of terror and joy
I wonder how mourners can pick up a toy
I smile at small children as they play in the snow
I pray for a world dressed in harmony, so. . . 

When counting our blessings, let’s focus on laughter
let’s spread our compassion and show the day after
that spending some moments together in prayer
will then be reflected by our love in the air.