Monday, November 2, 2015

     It's the first Monday morning of November, 2015. Many of us are still trying to work through our sleep patterns after the time change. Last night, I woke up at least five or six times, looked at the clock and said to myself, "You must be kidding." Fortunately, my mindfulness training helped me fall back asleep until the next glimpse.

     Mornings are my very favorite time of the day. It doesn't matter whether it's 4:23 a.m. like today or 6:07 a.m. like one lucky morning last year. I wake up happy, energized and eager to start my day with my favorite breakfast:  Autumn Wheat cereal with a tiny bit of Almond Milk, a banana with peanut butter and a nice hot cup of coffee. Yes, I eat the same thing every day and never tire of it. The photo today includes my empty jar of peanut butter as part of my message.

     Every morning I climb the stairs to my "woman cave," I am greeted by Arkel, the frog. He always makes me smile. I know he is happy to see me, having been alone on the couch all night. He doesn't say much, but I know he looks forward to the morning too as he gets to watch my routine with a mischievous gleam in his eye. This morning I put two objects in front of him that represent my challenges for the day. The peanut butter jar was 99% empty, so I had to scrape and scrape with my knife to get enough pb to put on my banana. The end of the packing tape is stuck to itself somewhere on the roll. I have to find it, unstick it and pull it off to wrap my grand-daughter's birthday gift to mail early this morning so it will arrive on time for her celebration. So, what's the point? The point is, that my attitude toward these objects and my Arkel have much to do with how my day will go. I can start my day frustrated that I don't have enough pb and I won't be able to unstick the tape or I can reframe the challenge by saying to myself:  If the tape won't unstick, I'll go to UPS, buy some more and wrap it when I get there. If the peanut butter is almost gone, I can get that knife into the corners and scrape a tiny little bit so I can taste it on my yummy fruit. It's all how I choose to frame it.