Monday, November 23, 2015

This is the post my daughter wrote on her 42nd birthday yesterday. I thought I'd add my reaction to it. Moms and daughters don't necessarily agree on things, but I found the results interesting. 

Here is the code:  SA = Strongly Agree
                             SD=  Strongly Disagree

I keep telling her we need to write a book together. She SA, but somehow with four kids and three jobs, she can't seem to find the time. And here I thought I trained her to multi-task. 

Daughter's post:
I have a friend that says he doesn't celebrate adult birthdays. Thinks it's dumb. Maybe.
But as I head out to hike this morning I can't help but reflect on the last year.
My Uber driver in Chicago, Richard, told me to "Keep it alive, chil(d)". I committed to that. And oh boy, I kept it alive alright. Too many beautiful memories to mention but let's get down to basics.
I have these 4 daughters. Yesterday I snuck a side glance photo of them and it startled me.
I am 42. Half of that is 21. In a flash of an eye blink, they will be too. Each of their side profiles gave me pause. I saw me, me, me and me in each of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
I felt like Benjamina Button..... Living life in reverse. How are they all mine? How on Earth did I get so lucky? How did I birth them is a better question....but, I caught myself thinking, what do I want them to know about life? What do I hope they learn from me and the world? What have I learned this year?
So, the following list is what I composed as I watched Michigan State take down our sweetest rival. I did begin this year in the stands of the Rose Bowl
Hoping to end it in the same location!                          
42 things I learned (or reaffirmed) this year:
1. Sour Patch Kids rule the world.                         SA
2. Fitted sheets should be banned.                       SA
3. Women's heart attacks are subtle.                    SA
4. Neck cream works.                                            Found this too late.
5. The truth always reveals itself.                          SA
6. Never say never.                                               SA
7. Presence is the best present.                           SA
8. Listen to your parents.                                      Helllooooooo!
9. You're the only you you've got.                         SA
10. Grief is never over, just carried.                      SA
11. Heroes can show up in any outfit.                   Sometimes in 4" stilettos
12. Silver linings come in all shapes and sizes.    SA
13. Always circle up in crisis. There is true strength in numbers.  SA
14. Cleaning the garage blows.                            Dunno. Ask Mr. Wonderful
15. There's nothing good to see in Tucson.          Dunno. Ask Roy Rogers.
16. Police officers get a bad rap.                           SA
17. People matter.                                                 SA
18. I hate laundry with all that I am.                      Dunno. Ask Mr. Wonderful
19. If something happens twice, the common denominator is you. SA
20. I still suck at parallel parking.                          SA
21. Childhood friends are true gold.                      Sorry to say I lost touch with most
22. Hurt people, hurt people.                                SA
23. Football makes everything better.                   Cosmos work better
24. The ladies that do my pedicures are definitely talking about me in Vietnamese. Can't afford pedis.
25. Racism is alive and well in 2015.                    SA
26. There is a space between stimulus and response; always take the space.   SA
27. When saying goodbye, always always always look over your shoulder.        SA
28. If you don't get the answer you want from customer service, call back at least two more times. SA
29. Kids are exhausting.                                       SA
30. Women have 40% more connective tissue between their right and left brain than men do. :)
31. Adele's new song, which I love, is overplayed. It should be called "Goodbye" now. SA
32. Vodka heals all.                                                :)
33. One of my kids put shit on a shelf for real and is still blaming Abel the painter. Not going there.
34. Get on the plane.                                             ???
34a. Fear based decisions never work out.           SA
35. Always ask your Uber driver about his life.      Can't afford Uber
35a. Let go of the outcome.                                    SA
36. Check expiration dates in the refrigerator often. Is that what those numbers are for?
37. Invest in good people. 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies. All money is good.
38. Timing is everything.                                         SA
39. Own your truth.                                                 For men only
40. Stay mobile. Stay focused. Stay vigilant.         SA
41. In conflict, it's rarely about you the person.      SA
42. See #8,#17,#26 and #32. Repeat #27.            #8 is most important.

Love you, Katey:)