Tuesday, December 22, 2015

     I awoke under down under the down this morning for the umpteenth time due to Mr. Wonderful’s annoying snorts and snores. Fortunately, we got a head start last night after our seven-hour drive, dozing off around 10:00 p.m. (Yes, Virginia, most young women are just getting their shower to go out and party when we are sliding into slumber. Never mind.)
     I’m not really down. I lied. I almost always wake up refreshed with a smile on my face. I think it’s because I love my breakfast so much, and probably because I’m a morning person. In the sorority kitchen, my sisters used to say, “Get her out of her, will you?” and “Oh, my gosh, Sandy, will you just shut up at this hour?!” Anyway, this has nothing to do with my blog. Actually, I lied; it does. It’s all bullshit while I try to figure out something profound to write. 
     We are on our way to our children’s homes to celebrate not just Christmas but Mr.
Wonderful’s daughter’s 50th birthday. I always say it’s his daughter because I am in denial about being related to a child turning that age. She is a wonderful step-daughter whom I adore, and actually, she will be doing my photo shoot on this trip on her pre-50th. As Sue is a professional photographer, I have asked her to take photos for my one-woman-show business launch for 2016. It will be great fun to have her pose me this way and that. Just wait till she sees how many sins she has to hide, though. She may age five years just getting her lights set right. I will have her take shots of George Sand and Emma Bardac, the two women behind the two composers whose stories I narrate. George will be dressed in pants with a cigar and Emma will be dressed in a lovely gown with a cloche hat. Too cool for words. Can’t wait. Just need to find a good cigar somewhere. 
      This morning, we will enjoy our free breakfast. Mr. Wonderful will take at least six to seven trips to the breakfast bar to get what he needs while I will have finished my meal and be reading the paper when he sits down. We will work out after the caffeine kicks in, and pack our single bag to continue the journey north. Oops. to be continued. . . 
       Free breakfast:  check  Six trips: check  Paper in hand:  check.  
        BTW, if you haven’t “elfed” yourself yet, you must do this. It’s hilarious. (see fb)

     We have been apprised of the morning’s tragedies and slide-off-the-road conditions, so 
“Helloooooo, Tuesday.”