Friday, December 11, 2015


  1. Holiday letter written (poem rimes - mostly)
  2. Collage made (still seeking photo of the Queen that doesn’t show her age)
  3. One package sent/one more to go (need overnight bag for line at post office)
  4. Presents purchased (mostly)
  5. My present purchased from Mr. Wonderful (hope he has private stash to pay for it)
  6. Search for one mincemeat pie (no such thing)
  7. Hotels booked for trip to Michigan (nerves ready to deal with fog, ice, snow, wind, pets)
  8. Wardrobe ready for holiday parties and concerts
  9. House decorated (easy with no tree, lights, holiday plants or holly anything)
  10. Cookies imagined
  11. Gift for Mr. Wonderful (still waiting for his decision)
  12. Fruit cake slice yet to purchase (one bite a day for a month will fit into calorie budget)
  13. Wrapping paper and ribbon ready (still on shelves at store)
  14. Envelopes addressed (sure)
  15. Stamps purchased (right)
  16. Money saved to pay for hotels (in piggy bank)
  17. Mincemeat pie (dreaming)
  18. Bags packed (saved for 10 minutes before departure)
  19. To/froms ready (around here somewhere)
  20. Noise machine ready (first thing in suitcase!)