Friday, December 18, 2015

           My daughter, Katey, loves to send me great articles and videos about topics we both enjoy. The most recent was a video by Rob Bell, a motivational speaker. If you like getting re-energized, I highly recommend it. (see link below)

           In this video, he speaks of sitting next to a woman who was 92 years old. She looked at him, and said “I’m 92, and I’m just getting started.” Well, guess what, I’m 72, and I’m just getting started too. Quelle coincidence!  

            I am sure you all know people who are younger than you who are already old. I remember a former colleague for whom I had great respect and admiration, but although she looked young, she talked “old.” I always felt like I was talking to my grandma. Au contraire, I have met some young people whose wisdom for their age is staggering, so I guess it works both ways.

           At lunch the other day, a close friend was telling me about her new business that she has recently launched. (She’s 70). She just ran a half marathon and got first place in her age group. You laugh and say to yourselves, “Who else at that age would be running?” You would be surprised, and there are many more 70+ people who are launching new careers and performing on all kinds of stages. As my friend and I continued our conversation about her business and my performing, I realized that I needed to resurrect my own business, so I hired her on the spot. She was thrilled to get a new client, and I am excited about having her expertise as I go about turning my talent into some ready cash with a dash of fame.

         We are never too old to live our passion and fulfill our purpose. Without these two powerful “P”s, we are definitely old. When we can no longer get excited about anything, it’s time to do some reflecting and think about what we want to do with our lives. Without purpose, it is easy to get complacent, bored, depressed and cynical. We can start small and grow into our dreams, and money needn’t be the motivation; it can be the bonus.

         Watch for “The Write Note” in 2016. There will be books, lectures, workshops, concerts and maybe even a webinar or two. The sky is the limit for moi. This is my key signature:

                  Sandra Moulin, Dilettante Diva

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