Sunday, December 6, 2015

            Going Blogless (Sans Blague:)

     Some days I just feel like going blogless. I want to throw my blogs out the second story window of my woman cave and see if there are any leftover frat boys down below wanting to show them off to his brothers. So far, I see no one down there—just a few deer chewing the last my of single day lilly.

     Going blogless some may think is a 60s fad. You are wrong. It’s a trend I just made up. You can only go blogless, if you write a blog or if you are willing to endure the spellcheck thingamajig that keeps changing my word blogless into bloodless:(

     Going blogless gives me such freedom. No being strapped into a certain way of thinking. No hooks to get people to read. No feeling perky when you just want to let down and be droopy.

    I have been blogless for 48 hours, and it has been so freeing, but now I kind of miss the support. It’s time to stand up, shoulders back, best blog points forward. 

    I will put out there my best two points, and you can let me know which you would like to hear about:

      1.  people should not bring their dogs to your house without asking
2.  sex