Thursday, December 3, 2015

     As I looked at the nine hours ahead of my performance a few days ago, I asked myself how I was going to stay calm and centered before my one-woman show at 3:00. I decided that I would journal the day so before my next performance, I would know how to fight the jitters.

     I woke up very anxiety-ridden, but I knew that working out would get rid of that instantly. I had a quiet breakfast with my allotted ONE cup of coffee and a banana recommended by my teacher to “calm the nerves.” On my list of “distracting the mind while staying focused,” I put the following:

  1. work out
  2. color
  3. write
  4. sleep
  5. draw
  6. clean
  7. rehearse only once or twice
  8. make Christmas card list
  9. meditate
  10. have Mr. Wonderful give 10-minute massage
  11. listen to music
  12. avoid news
  13. avoid phone calls from anyone other than family

    Working out is the best thing for nerves. Within ten minutes, the anxiety was gone. 
I completed numbers 1,2,3,4,7, 10, 1l, 12 and 13. Cleaning lost out to sleeping and Christmas card list lost out to avoiding the news. 

    Figuring that I would get dressed by 1:30, I entertained/distracted myself until about 1:00. Then I realized that I couldn’t do my hair or make-up until I put on my gown, and I didn’t want to sit around in that for another hour. So the last 45 minutes was the challenge. The anxiety was starting to creep back in, so I did the only logical thing for me:  start researching my next show.
I decided that Gershwin would be a great composer to feature so I began my research. After 40 minutes, I was so enthralled, I almost missed my deadline to get dressed.

      Sitting in the car waiting to enter the country club for my performance, I could feel the butterflies beginning to take flight. I did my deep breathing exercises, and that helped. Once I stood up in front of the 30 ladies to perform, my fear turned to excitement, and off I went. 

     Was the program flawless? Absolutely not. Was it the best I could do? Absolutely. Was it good? Yes, it was terrific, even by my own standards. Can it be improved? Of course. Would I spend six months researching, writing, practicing, rehearsing my script and do this kind of thing again? You bet your life. Why? Because I can.