Saturday, December 12, 2015

     Some nights are just so bizarre. Tonight we went to dinner and a play with good friends.
The evening started out nicely with a nice meal, cocktails and some good conversation. I’m not sure why we arrived at the theatre 45 minutes early, especially as I would have loved to have indulged in a tiny chocolate mousse, but we did.

     We went in the tiny theatre to find seats, as they weren’t reserved. After we located four together, my friend got up to go to the ladies room. She tripped on a step and half ran into the banister. As she and I share the unfortunate distinction of bruising if we even gently scrape our arms on a pillow case, I should have known that she would have been hurt despite the minor bump. When she didn’t come back for some time, I decided to go see if she was all right. I found her in the lobby with cold compresses on her arm and blood
dripping on the floor. We bandaged a part of the gash with some band-aids she had in her purse, she grabbed some more toweling, and we returned to our seats.

    The holiday comedy began shortly. I wasn’t sure what I was hearing behind me, but it sounded like someone was humming. It stopped and started randomly throughout the entire performance. I didn’t hear it, for example, when some woman’s cell phone went off in the front row about two feet from the main actor. He handled it beautifully, but really? 

     Then I noticed that a man in front of us was coughing—a bronchitis/pneumonia-type hack. He was sitting there in front of us with a large towel thrown over his shoulder. He used the towel every few coughs to muffle the sound. A few minutes later, his elderly father got up in the middle of the performance (the audience was small—maybe 50 people max) to go to the restroom. Meanwhile, the humming continued behind us, while my friend rummaged through her purse looking for her pain medicine. She finally found it, and gulped it down without water. I had visions of her choking and us having to have her carried out on a stretcher, but, fortunately, she managed the feat gracefully and quietly.

     When we got in the car, my friend’s husband said about the performance, “I didn’t get any of that. What was that?” I think I laughed harder at his comment and the bizarre activity of the audience more than I did at the jokes in the comedy. 

     The bottom line is that people are hilarious if you pay attention no matter where you go.