Friday, December 25, 2015

     On this Christmas day, most people will post photos of their holiday meals, their pets in Santa hats, their families lined up in rows with stuffing-laced smiles. My Dad taught me not to follow the crowd, not to be a sheep, not to conform. So here it is, my December 25, 2015 Christmas greeting. 

     “Good news is on the way.” Wasn’t that sentence similar to the one in the Bible? How did it get into a fortune cookie in Livonia, Michigan on Christmas Eve? Hmm. Cookie for thought. 

     Here’s the good news:  If you are reading this, you are able to see, read and reflect. If you are reading this, you have a computer which means you are not homeless on some street corner or curled up in a ball in a sick bed. If you are reading this, you are not hiding from the enemy in a foreign land. If you are reading this, you, like me, have many blessings to count. If you are not counting them, maybe the good news is that you are reading this blog, so you might start.

     I did not go to church tonight, nor will I be at our church at home tomorrow morning. We will be on the way to visit another daughter and family after spending Christmas Eve with our birthday daughter and family. Tonight the “good news” was in the grace given by our 13-year-old grandson who reminded us of the real reason for celebrating Christmas. No matter how much of the Christmas story anyone believes, we know that it represents “good news.” With so much bad news in the headlines, we need to recognize more of the good news all around us that would never qualify for a headline— good news like listening to a giggling baby, petting a purring kitten, holding hands with an aging relative, tasting the first bite of turkey and toasting to family. I choose to look for the good news, as there is always some out there. “Good news…on the way” = hope. 

     On this Christmas Day, 2015, I wish you hope:  hope for a brighter tomorrow with less violence, less hatred, less bullying, less greed, less selfishness, more compassion, more love, more peace. I hope that on this day you take a few moments to count your blessings (as I will do too), and let’s ask ourselves what we can do to make this world a quieter, gentler “good news” place.