Wednesday, December 23, 2015

                                                            THE WISHING WELL

Well, I wish that the recording session I am going to do this morning goes smoothly, as every minute I spend over the allotted time will cost money, and I spent it all at the mall.

Well, I wish that my wrinkles would disappear just long enough for the photo shoot I’m doing at 8:00 tonight after I inhale a large portion of Mac n Cheese at my favorite comfort food dive.

Well, I wish that Donald Trump would just shutthe”f”up.

Well, I wish that the gifts I have bought will not have to be returned, as I am the designated “return” schlepper.

Well, I wish Brené Brown would live in my attic, so I could just pull her down when I need her.

Well, I wish I could meditate instead of falling asleep. Relaxing has never been my strong suit.

Well, I wish my daughters lived down the street.

Well, I wish my feet will hold up until I’m 90, as I have just recently discovered some shoe designers whose sexy new styles I would like to model.

Well, I wish someone would pay my Visa bill this month.

Well, I wish you all Well!