Sunday, December 27, 2015

     I was surprised that I enjoyed the new James Bond film yesterday. Fortunately, the whole family agreed that this was the one we would see. To find a movie that pleases three kids, and three adults, all whose tastes range from Alvin and the Chipmunks to Gone With the Wind, this was feat in itself. I say, give those kids a four-gallon container of popcorn, a few packs of candy to rot their teeth and some slurpies to annoy the people behind us, and we’re off and running. 

     Maybe it is my love for Clark Kent that allowed me to suspend reality long enough to
watch Daniel Craig kill 14 guys single-handedly with a gun heavier than my dresser while running through the desert—that entertained me so well. Or maybe it was the pretty girl whose slip dress I tried to find online that intrigued me, or maybe it was simply that there was nothing else to do on a rainy day besides spending half our budget on food and movies. Bottom line, the film was entertaining, and Daniel came out without a scratch (the Astin Martin too). Who knew?

     Word has it that Daniel Craig may be leaving 007-land. One clue was that the girl doesn’t get killed in this one; they walk off hand-in-hand at the end. Who will take Daniel’s place? The whole family agreed that he really wasn’t our favorite James Bond. They broke the mold with Sean Connery, I say, and Roger Moore was pretty hot too. Maybe they’ll choose someone like Will Farrell to move the concept into total absurdity. Or they could enlist Robert de Niro, as these films are the only ones he hasn’t been in. Or maybe Russell Crowe needs another excuse to lose weight, shave his beard and show us how he can heave a bad guy into a sink hole in one single thrust.

     Aw, the movies. What would we do without them? So far, Mr. Wonderful and I have seen three of the top ten:  Brooklyn (excellent tender love story), The Big Short (a sad commentary on the state of cheating) and Spectre (enough said). We are looking forward to seeing Spotlight, Creed, Joy and Trumbo. How about you? Based on the long lines at the box office, movie-going isn’t dead yet, despite Netflix, streaming and On Demand. I guess that’s a good thing, but I’m wondering how young guys can afford to take their dates out these days. Movies:  $20, cheap dinner $35, gas $10. Maybe the girl pays now? Maybe the parents just hand over the cash so they can have a night of peace and quiet, or maybe the kids sneak in through a fake passageway that Bond built for fans.