Monday, December 21, 2015

Wrightsville Beach, December 20, 2015
55 degrees and climbing:)

Box arrives Friday night at 9:00 p.m.

Daughter, Katey, found in box to shock of

Horrific event occurs in Las Vegas

     I am filled with such a wide range of emotions this morning, as I review the past few days in my mind. When daughter Katey showed up in a box on our doorstep Friday night, the world stopped, and I knew the next few days would be a whilrwind of fun and crazy. Katey's magical aura never comes without silly, fun and tears. We laughed at the "dollar bar" on Wrightsville Beach while planning out our mother/daughters publication of 2016. (We haven't told daughter #1 about her role in this yet:)
She wrote "I miss you" in the sand that made us cry (although it was probably intended for a guy she's dating), and we read of her adventures on the plane on the ride home. We loved having her here, and I am absolutely amazed that Mr. Wonderful has pulled off two, count'em two major surprises, one from each daughter, in one single year.

     Then this morning, I awaken to the news of some lunatic with a toddler in the back seat who runs down a group of pedestrians in Las Vegas.

     We begin to pack for our holiday trip to see two #1 daughters, one of whom will turn 50 (how on earth?).

     Excitement, nostalgia, joy, horror, sadness, love, random violence--it's apparently the new normal.
What's the antidote?  Empathy, tolerance, grace, prayer.