Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Written yesterday, November 30, 2015:

Do you ever have a day when your faith in friendship and humanity jumps up a few notches?
Today was one of those for me.

I am performing my one-woman show tomorrow, and here are the messages I received:

  1. A “you are a star” from a student I am tutoring
  2. A “Knock ‘em dead, Mom” message from my daughter, Chris.
  3. A “break a leg” from a cherished friend who will attend the show
  4. “You are a star” message from my smart and accomplished friend who will introduce me
  5. A “Know you’ll be wonderful” message from another wonderful friend who will attend
  6. A “know you will amaze us once again” message from a beautiful friend
  7. A “I’m sure you will be terrific!” message from a dear friend who cannot attend
  8. A “You know I’m a fan” from another friend
  9. ‘You always play really beautifully,” from my teacher
  10. “Great job!” from Mr. Wonderful.
11.  A pep talk from a former student who says I am too hard on myself:)
12.  A “I can’t wait!” from my beautiful friend who will hostess the event.
First thing this morning:

Good morning my musical friend - best wishes for a fab day for your one woman show!  Will be thinking of you.  Enjoy! 

Thank you all, not just for the confidence you have given me, but for assuring me that there are many caring friends who take the time to encourage those of us who dare.