Sunday, January 17, 2016

                                  IT”S ALL ABOUT THE POV     

Air travel is always a challenge with Mr. Wonderful. He does not like traveling by plane anymore. In “the old days,” things were different. Planes were bigger, food was served, people dressed up in more than tacky jeans and muscle shirts, and everyone was quiet and polite. Since deregulation, all walks of life spread their litter all over the aircraft. The airlines are now  so greedy that each passenger barely has enough room for one cheek to fit in the seats. Personal space is checked with the luggage. Gotta love him, but, seriously, he starts moaning before we enter the gate.

     Here is the very brief story of our return home from Mexico—his version and mine.

His version:

     “Oh, my God. We got on the plane, and this 400-pound woman sat down next to me. I was forced to lean into the aisle for the entire 2.5-hour flight. It was freezing in the cabin, and some baby screamed from the time I sat down until we landed. Why do they allow babies on airplanes anyway? Then, you wouldn’t believe the nightmare we had in the Houston airport going through customs. There had to have been at least 1000 people in line, and they herded us back and forth through this maze. It was absolutely ridiculous. Then after almost a half hour of that nonsense, we approached the agent. After he told us to get back behind the yellow line, we stood waiting another 10 minutes while two foreign ladies who had gotten in the wrong line had to be fingerprinted and photographed. Meanwhile the other two lines disappeared, and we were still standing there. Of course, there were only three agents for 1000 of us, so the process was tedious and infuriating. Then we got through the immigration stage and had to go pick up our luggage to go through the final screening. Of course, the luggage was at the carousel furthest from the final line. We waited some more and finally made it through, It took an hour! I’m not sure I will ever do this again.”

Her version:

     “The flight back to Houston was very pleasant. The plane seemed brand new, and the seat was very comfortable. I read my book all the way, and it was as though I blinked, and we arrived. The line at the Houston airport was just like it was three years ago. It was like a maze, but we moved quickly, so it was painless. It was fun watching all the different people. I had my phone on so between checking emails and reading my book (in tiny print), the time just flew.
Before I knew it, we were standing in front of the agent. He politely asked us to stand behind the yellow line. A couple of women must have gotten into the wrong line so they had to be fingerprinted and photographed. Some other agent came and led them away. That was fun to watch. Then we trekked over to the far-away carousel to grab our suitcases which were right there when we walked up. We then turned around and walked all the way back to the line to go through the final customs check. We whizzed through that line, and out we went to meet my step-daughter who was waiting right in front of the terminal. Easy, painless. I love to fly:) 
Mr. Wonderful is not finding this blog at all amusing.

       I already miss the wonderful people in Acapulco, the glorious beach and mountain view from our 5th floor balcony, the intoxicating music, the warm sunshine, the fun tennis on the red clay courts, the fabulous dinners overlooking the ocean and the bay—our generous and fun friends who invited us to share the week with them—-it was all simply marvelous. Thank you, Big Guy.