Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blogger Babble

There are days I have no things to say
There are days I want to share
There are days I feel so terribly glib
but I wonder if you care.

Bloggers need to do three things
entertain, inspire or teach
some days when I wake up at 4
Doing any is quite a reach

Today my thoughts don’t have a flow
they’re muddled, vague and lame
maybe you can relate to that
maybe you feel the same

Today’s a gift, I know that’s true
I need to make it good
make the bed, work the arms
do things as I should

Check the list, it’s all right there
all I have to do
sometimes though, I want to chill
like I read from some Guru

anyway, it’s time to start
stop putting off what’s listed
to feel productive, me in charge
my conscience has insisted

Have a weird day, one and all
Happy Trails to you
I’m off to spread my Fifi cheer
who knows on what or who?