Monday, January 11, 2016

     El Chapo is old news for now. Acapulco lives. Feeling high overlooking the ocean and the mountains. People have no idea that Mexico is not just drug lords and refried beans. There are parts that are true paradise, and this is one of them.

     Cresting waves pair with soft breezes to usher in the rising sun over the mountain tops. Palm trees sway in syncopation, and we sip our coffee petting a stray kitten. We pinch ourselves. Are we really here? Yup. 

      Choices surface as we walk the mile to the local tennis courts. Do we watch the game tonight over tacos and margaritas? Do we buy tickets to the cabaret tomorrow night that stars a local singing sensation? Do we walk the beach now or later? Do we take our siesta on the beach under a palapa or stretch out on a covered bed next to the lazy river? Oh, my. So many choices—so many calories.

Stay tuned for photos until we can figure out how many billions it will cost to post them:)