Friday, January 1, 2016

                                                                   A HUMBLE PRAYER
by Sandy Moulin

comic icons fall from grace
hatred fuels a political race
terror flows in frightened veins
ISIS threatens, grieving reigns

on this eve we look ahead
imagine war and anger dead
think of a world of gentle folk
who toast to health and tell a joke

what burdens can we leave behind
what seeds of kindness can we find
in simple pleasures each new day
oh, dear Lord, please guide our way

when fear and anger rule the soul
when bias and bigotry swallow us whole
when we can’t walk in someone’s shoes
there is no winning, we all lose

breathe in compassion, breathe out peace
may crime and bullying, evil cease
let sunsets rule, let nature heal
so grace, humility we can feel

refresh our spirits, numb our pain
let us pray for those insane
keep our focus on the heart
this new year we all can start

to shed our darkness, see the light
make a difference day to night
touch a life, lend a hand
to spread our love throughout the land

let us bond with colors many
let us love however, any
let us try to understand
a different view, an outstretched hand

let’s view headlines celebrating
not in judgment or berating
let’s read news of good and giving
let’s get back to joyful living

as the year winds down, let’s pray
to whatever greater spirit may
give us hope and strength anew
I’ll do my part. How about you?