Tuesday, January 26, 2016



     Years ago, when I was in my thirties, a colleague of mine said to me, “Sandy, I just love to improve.” I laughed and agreed with her. Even into my “senior” years, I love to improve. Do you? What have you done in the last 30 days to improve? Are you how and where you want to be?

     Some people never think about this. I think about it often. Why? Who knows? That’s just how I’m “wired.” How are you “wired?” What does this mean? I just recently figured out (thanks to my favorite new book, The Fifth Agreement) that “wiring” is basically your belief system. What I love most about this small book which has greatly inspired me is that everything I ever learned from the time I was born, whether from my FOO (family of origin), my teachers, my friends, society—it was all a big fat LIE. Why? Because it wasn’t MY belief system; it was the one I inherited, was taught. It was reenforced throughout my life because my own filters took all information and sifted it through the original belief system filter and reenforced the LIE.

     What did you believe years ago that you no longer believe? How were you programmed that affected your life positively or negatively? 

     I challenge you to ask yourself these questions, answer them, and then see if you can describe how you are “wired.” Food for thought for a Tuesday.