Tuesday, January 26, 2016

     This morning, at 6:23 a.m., Mr. Wonderful, asked, “What day is this?” As I had already been up for two hours and twelve minutes, I said, “It’s Tuesday, but I think Wednesday could start any minute.” This answer is a perfect example of how I sometimes regress and live in the future. Living in the future is ludicrous, since the future is then, and it’s not then yet; it’s now. Now, everyone knows that now and then you say some stupid things, but you really can’t say anything “then,” because it’s still “now.”

     ‘Now’ is made up of two words that I’ll bet many have not even realized; it’s made up of “no” and “ow.” “No” indicates that we should not be thinking of the future, and “ow” implies that if we do, it will hurt. Now, you might wonder why thinking about the future hurts. Anyone over the age of 30 knows that enjoying every moment in the “now” is a good thing. It takes at least 30 years, sometimes 40 years for people to realize that living in the “now” is all we’ve got, and that’s where our focus should be. I double-dog-dare anyone reading this to tell me what’s going to happen one year from now, one hour from now, one minute from now. No one knows because this is now, and “then” is unknown. 

     Furthermore, no one can truly say what happened yesterday because unless you videotaped every breathing moment of that day, you can only tell what you recall, and your recall is clouded by everything that took place since then and whatever filters you have going on your brain that affect how you remember things (assuming you do). So yesterday
is blurry, tomorrow is a question mark, so enjoy the moment; it’s all we’ve got.

     How many times today can you catch yourself thinking about something that will happen in the future? How many times will you find yourself worrying about something that may never happen? If you don’t do this at all, you are not human, and you couldn’t be reading this. There you have it.