Thursday, January 14, 2016

                                                 Sean Penn meets Fifi, la Folle

     Traveling always gives me perspective. Some people don’t have any desire to travel. I can understand their reluctance to deal with heavy baggage, delayed flights, outrageously expensive airport and plane food, grungy people who swing their backpacks around and hit you in the teeth. Nonetheless, I still love to spend time in fresh places, especially foreign ones.

     Mexico has certainly not been the ideal travel destination for some time. It is truly a shame because the people we have encountered here are gracious, kind, always smiling and seemingly hard-working. They love their families, and they enjoy dancing, singing and listening to their happy music. 

     After four days in a beautiful resort outside of Acapulco, I still contend that this country has some of the most stunning beaches and waterfronts. Our daily regimen begins by walking 1/2 mile to  play tennis on Har-Tru courts covered with sun-protection nets. The play is free when you stay at the time-share resort. The tennis pro always greets us with a warm “Buenos Dias” and a fresh towel, and the courts are always brushed to perfection. We play for an hour or two and then walk back to the hotel deliciously exhausted. A wonderful breakfast outside overlooking the gardens and a distant view of the ocean is followed by a short rest on our balcony which offers a panoramic view of the grounds, the ocean and the mountains. 

     After our short rest, we head to the pool to secure our chaise and then wander over to the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. We hang there for an hour or so, still in awe of the view (even after coming here at least six times), and then we head back to the chaise for a short siesta or a brief read in the sunshine. When we’ve had enough, we saunter over to the lazy river and let the current gently push us around for a mile or so. Lounging in our inner tubes requires no energy, so we are still mellow.

     When we get back to the chaise, we read some more, chat a bit and wait until 4:00 two-for-one happy hour margaritas. Ah, la vida isn’t loca—-it’s maravaillosa. 

     Fortunately, Sean Penn wrapped up the El Chapo case, so we are breathing easier and looking forward to the tiny chocolate kisses waiting for us on our pillows.