Sunday, January 24, 2016

            Seven things I Learned by 70

1.   When I lie, I always get caught.

2.    Pleasing people can be self-destructive.

3.    Coffee and wine solve all issues (for a little while)

4.    Unconditional love is rare. If you find it from a human (not a pet), hold on with all your might!

5.    Bad things happen to good people.  

6.    Perfectionism keeps your life organized but messes with your head.

7.   Everything I ever learned by the time I was 18 was a lie, but I didn’t figure it out until my 70s.

Now this all sounds pretty negative, and I consider myself a very positive person (unless someone is in my face, in which case I resort to immature violent howling.) 

So here are a couple additional things to prove I have the veritable glasses of rose:

  1. Everywhere you go you take yourself, so make it the best one you’ve got.
  2. Keep expectations low, then you’re never disappointed.
  3. My newest golden rules:  Don’t personalize anything/Don’t assume anything/Take risks/We’re all in our own little dream. Who’s narrating yours?