Monday, January 18, 2016

                                          SHOW AND TELL: THINGS I LEARNED ON MY WINTER VACATION

  1. Sunshine is divine.
  2. Sunsets rock!
  3. Salt on the margarita glass causes water retention
  4. Working out before going on an ocean/poolside vacation is wise - many tummies protruding here.
  5. Dinners with a view from a mountain top are the best!
  6. Figuring out exchange rates not so fun.
  7. My tennis serve is no better in Spanish.
  8. Wish I had continued my Spanish studies. Bad me.
  9. I love guacamole.
  10. No TV for a week is refreshing.
  11. Spanish French toast seems like an oxymoron.
  12. Non-alcoholic margaritas suck, but liver is healthy:)
  13. If everyone likes each other after being together 24/7, then that is true love and friendship:)
  14. I like summer.
  15. There’s no place like home. True, but why would you want it to be like home? You might as well just stay home. duh.