Monday, February 29, 2016

                              WHAT IF?

Dear America Citizens:

Several months ago, I began a campaign that I intended to rock this nation. We are going strong and growing stronger. My intention was never to actually be the President of the United States; it was to teach a lesson. Hah, you all thought I was just a trailer trash billionaire businessman with a beaver pelt on my head. Wrong, I am one of this country’s great teachers, and I have no certificate. I have common sense, intuition and a fearless spirit never afraid to take a risk. My campaign was a risk, but it has proven very successful. That doesn’t mean I will be your President; it means I have given given each of you a mirror. 

“What is that supposed to mean?” you ask. It means this:  Every time I opened my mouth, and some outrageous comment came out, you reacted. Some of you laughed, some of you gawked, most of you cheered. When I became more vulgar and more insulting, you laughed, gawked and cheered more. The louder my profane voice, the more deafening became your applause and your passion. Soon, you were passionate about me, but it really wasn’t me; it was what I stood for. I stood for your flames of raw emotion that have been receiving only a slight wind. I sent in a typhoon, and the flames raged into a full-fledged firestorm. Your closet bigotry, your pent-up frustration, your disgust with people like me who get all the money, your hostility toward those who get what you think you should have—-all those emotions have been tiny shards of heat bubbling up inside you, the voiceless American. I became your voice. 

No, I never intended nor did I want to be President; I wanted to teach a lesson. The lesson is out there now in neon lights. It’s your choice what you want to do with it. Do you want to remain voiceless, then continue doing what you are doing. If you want a voice; you have to not just shout; you have to dig in with your shovels and get rid of the dirt. You have to work, risk, bleed and sweat to be heard; you can’t sit on the couch in front of the debates once every four years and just bitch and clap.

Yes, my fellow Americans, it has all been a giant hoax. No Donald for President; just you, the single American being asked to stand up and fight for, not just shout about your country.

Donald Trump (aka fifi, la folle)