Friday, February 12, 2016


     While looking at homes with an eye on a possible move one day, it is interesting how we never think about which room(s) we would not want to give up. Some people hang out at the kitchen counter; others like their feet up on the ottoman in the family room. Some like their own library where they lose themselves in their work or search their private shoe site; others like to lie on the couch in the living room with their latest crossword.

     As Mr. Wonderful and I walked from model to model in various developments while on vacation, I found myself drooling over the latest tray ceiling or envying the state of the art kitchens. As I rarely look up, and almost never spend more than 20 minutes making a meal, it is comical that I would pay attention to either of these. 

     There is one room in our house, however, that I don’t ever want to give up, and if a new home didn’t have it, I would be hard pressed to buy it. That’s my bonus room (the frog) over our garage. This room is my sanctuary. It has high but slanted ceilings, two big windows that usher in the sunshine daily, and its 12 x17 span of space is a dream for my workouts, my dance moves and an occasional carpet sunbath. My digital piano now sits in the corner waiting for me each morning. I don my headphones and practice away, and no one can ear a sound but moi.I eat my breakfast in the big leather chair, my feet tucked under me as I dip my banana in peanut butter and roll my eyes at the latest political bullshit. How could I ever give all this up? It’s my woman cave, and no one ever spends more than five minutes up there but me. 

     While we’ve been visiting friends in their homes on our trip, I have observed that everyone has a favorite chair, a must-do-before-conversation-routine-every-morning, and a place that they obviously call “mine.” I am always very careful to watch our hosts so I don’t invade that space.

     Which room in your house is “yours”? Would you move to a new home and not have the luxury of a room similar? What does it say about you that you spend so much time there? If the new house has a beautiful library, who gets it? Is it automatically the man’s? the woman’s? If the man is the chef in the family, does he get to design the kitchen and choose the appliances? Interesting questions we never pose when we’re easing into our days in our snuggies.