Thursday, February 11, 2016

                    by Sandra Moulin (aka Fifi, la folle, George Sand, Emma Bardac, Kay Swift)

If you follow my fun blog
oh my gosh, gee, hot dog!
then you’ll want to fast peruse
info about my concert news

My website is the place to go
it will put you in the know
just type the address here below
that’s how you’ll find me, where to go.

I hope you’ll come to hear me play
narrate, educate, night or day
depending on the program’s story
it’s always fun and never gorey.

You’ll learn and laugh and say to folks
“You must hear her, Holy Smokes!”
She spins a scandalous tale so fine
You’ll be high without fine wine.

I’m so proud to invite you all
to share with me my tales so tall
mark your calendar far ahead
and keep it close beside your bed.

If you live too far away
send for discs to hear me play
they are cheap, just $5 plus shipping
golfers can listen while they are chipping.

Dramatic Musilogues - I now have three
drama and music  in costume to see
Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin too
I hope that I will hear from you.